i trust my soul

every time we say goodbye

it is now technically no long my birthday but that was a thing and also i am no longer a teenager and i spent my day letting a small child put stickers on me (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

ALSO my userpic time is up on this account, so. you know what that means

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leaving lj behind feels a little like finally throwing out that one favorite security blanket.

but you know the blanket is covered in poop.
like a winter a machine

something is rotten in denmark and it's this piss poor attitude!

sooooooo last night my computer shut itself off, and now it refuses to boot up. i have no idea what's wrong with it; the normal repaid system does nothing, restoring it does nothing, and all the diagnostic tests i run say it's perfectly fine. sigh.

anywho this means that i will be miss not appearing in this internet for a while, at least in part. i'll be own my mom's computer but not online nearly as often as i usually am.

okay kiss kiss everyone have a good weekend!! hopefully i will be seeing paranormal activity 3 this sunday and be that one chick who screams at everything and embarrasses the whole theater.
adding up the things you'll never be

the endless nights of genova heights

so, first day of class today!

I went to the bus after frantically realizing my phone was out of power, only to remember that there was a detour because of construction for my usual bus route.

so I run in the opposite direction to the next nearest bus stop, only to see it zoom by when I'm less than half a block away.

so I walk home, and ask my brother (who has been up for a while and is just wandering around the house) if he can give me a ride. at this point, it's a little after 1.

he says no.

because he has a doctors appointment at 2:30 with a twenty minute drive

and needs the next hour to shower and smoke in the backyard

"So you missed your first day of class? That sucks."

i trust my soul

get out

>apply for early childhood program in may

>get in on wait list

>be told I can't take any early childhood classes for summer term because I'm not officially in the program

>finally finish signing up for liberal arts classes for fall

>have migraine

>get call during migraine from someone in the early childhood program asking why I'm not taking any early childhood classes


i trust my soul

four months at sea, four months of calm sea

get a job interview, like a boss

do well at interview, like a boss

nnnnnever get called back, like a boss

MATC's website still makes me strangle puppies. it's not more convenient if i have to call in to find out about any little thing. i guess I'll just have to take three history classes because all my English prereqs disappeared, cool!!

camping next week. crying at the drive already.